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About Us

We are a group of eclectic individuals with decades of experience collecting the oddest items imaginable. Oh and we also deal in the more mainstream stuff like sneakers and clothing. 

Our philosophy is pretty simple: they just don’t make things like they used to. Everything used to be made to last, but now due to the pace at which our society has evolved, goods like clothing and electronics go out of style faster than ever before. Fortunately, many of the treasures of yesterday are still out there to be found. And we want to cherish them, because old stuff is cool. 

Our Core Values

Items We Are Interested In..

The Philosophy of Appreciating Vintage.. It's In The Memories

Living in the 2020s, we see people wearing new clothes and buying new items pretty much every day. Stores are packed with fast fashion items and electronics that become obsolete the second you unbox them. And not to mention, customers are lining up to buy the latest fads, to keep up with the trends.

However, not everyone is that crazy about the new new.

WE are the exact opposite. WE prefer looking for our next possessions at flea markets – or even raiding our grandparents’ wardrobe for things that they wore in their youth. WE are not fans of new trends, but prefer the old and odd.

Assortment of Vintage Items on 4 white shleves

But why do we enjoy vintage?

The psychology of vintage clothing has many layers (just like the look), but the majority would agree that it’s because vintage has a certain je ne sais quois! Clothes were made by seamstresses and tailors who used sophisticated and detail oriented techniques. 

This resulted in simply better quality pieces that last a lifetime.

Different, high-quality materials were used, and since the sewing process was not as rushed, the piece itself had increased durability. A well-preserved vintage piece would last for a much longer time than a fast-fashion piece – and as more and more people realize this, they are steering towards thrift shops and flea markets.