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About Us

Backward is your go-to online fashion hub that kicked off in 2021. We’re about streetwear, vintage looks, and upcycling. Yeah, we’ve got a thing for menswear, but hey, we’re all about unisex style. Oh, and we’re all over Y2K trends because, well, they’re back and we can’t get enough of them.


What does Backward mean?

What’s in a name, right? Well, Backward is all about that nostalgia hit. It’s about stepping away from the fast fashion conveyor belt and diving headfirst into something a bit more unusual, a bit more vintage. When we say Backward, we’re talking reflection, curiosity, appreciation. It’s less about moving in reverse and more about giving a nod to the styles that got us here.


So why did we start Backward? 

Simple. We were tired of the same old corporate voices dominating the scene and those fluffy blogs that just didn’t cut it. There’s a whole world of fashion content on platforms like YouTube, Reddit, and TikTok, but it’s all over the place. We wanted a space where we could explore our own fashion journey and create content that really matters to you.


Here’s what you’ll find

We’re spotlighting streetwear from all corners of the globe – not just the US. Think Japan, Korea, UK and rising stars like Canada and Australia. Remember Y2K? Well, it’s back and we’ll guide you through the terminology so you can shop smart on second-hand sites like Depop and eBay. We’re crazy about vintage clothing, having started with graphic tees and expanding from there. And we’re deep diving into second-hand fashion economy and upcycling, because nothing beats treasure hunting at flea markets or creating something fresh from old favorites. Bottom line? We think old stuff is cool and we bet you do too.

Love at a Thrift Yard

Interested in collaborating?

if you want to work together on a creative project, please feel free to contact us!