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Men’s Fashion Trends: The 2024 Edition

2 Loewe runway models and 1 Bode Model dressing in quiet luxury aesthetic on a white backdrop. Showcasing the top men's fashion trends of 2024.

The new year is always a great excuse to revitalize one’s fashion sense, and as 2024 treks on, there are a number of trends set to dominate the men’s fashion market. Throughout the early 2020s, there have been a number of consistencies across men’s fashion as seen through the demands for Y2K adornments and streetwear. […]

Will AI Save or Destroy the Fashion Industry?

The central figure commands attention with striking red-tinted glasses, casting a bold glow on her sculptured face. Her companions flank her in soft focus, sporting sleek eyewear that contributes to the overall aura of contemporary sophistication.

A mere five years ago, AI or artificial intelligence was something that only a select few programmers across the world could access, let alone use. When discussing the efforts of Mazin Gilbert, a Technology Executive who wanted to make AI technology available to all AT&T employees, including those without a background in computer science in […]

7 Tips For Color-Blocking

3 women wearing color-blocked outfits in front of a geometric color-blocked canvas.

Whether you are drawn to bright and bold colors or soft pastels, a pop of color can go a long way in taking an otherwise simple outfit up a notch. So imagine what happens when you mix two, three, four or more. The famed French designer Yves Saint Laurent was one of the first fashion […]

Is Y2K Here To Stay? Newstalgia & What’s Next

Women wearing track suit and tinted sunglasses in a neon green futuristic backdrop.

We might party like it’s 1999, but we dress like it’s 2000– a future that Prince and The Revolution could only dream of.   Y2K fashion started to make a comeback towards late 2019, and three years into the 2020s, it is clear that it remains appealing to the masses. Ensembles consisting of mini skirts, denim-on-denim, […]