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Deion Sanders’ Sunglasses Through the Decades

Deion Sanders Sunglasses Collage

Deion Sanders, a name synonymous with style and charisma, has always been a trendsetter, both on and off the football field. His choice of sunglasses has always turned heads, from his unforgettable draft day to his cameos in rap music videos. Even after retiring from football, his fashion sense continues to impress, as highlighted by […]

Cobbler Bushwick: Upcycling Meets Artisanal Shoe Craftsmanship

In the vibrant enclave of Bushwick, Brooklyn, a quiet revolution in the world of footwear is being led by Sungwoo Roh, the founder of Cobbler Bushwick. Sungwoo’s multifaceted expertise spans across various footwear categories, from casual to athletic, and outdoor to high fashion. Her educational background includes an undergraduate degree in fashion from her native […]

10 Streetwear Brands Like Stüssy

In the world of streetwear, Stüssy reigns as king. This iconic brand has become a staple in many wardrobes, celebrated for its graphic T-shirts, pigment-dyed garments, and classic yet understated outerwear like chore and trucker jackets. Accessories, too, play a vital role in Stüssy’s appeal, offering that perfect, edgy finishing touch to any outfit. But […]

Where to Shop for Streetwear in Milan

I visited Milan in October 2023 and spent several days exploring different neighborhoods to find the best streetwear shops. I’ve never been to Milan before, but tried to prepare the best I could. I saved some sneaker stores to Google Maps. Milan is obviously a fashion powerhouse, and many people travel to the iconic Galleria […]

Is Fashion Art? A Journey into Upcycling and Wearable Art

Model wearing upcycled clothing in front of an abstract painting acrylic on canvas

A question that has often sparked heated discussions: Is fashion really a form of art? The key to this debate lies in the innovative concept of ‘wearable art’—an approach that melds aesthetic brilliance with functionality, paving a vibrant path between fashion and art. A rising star in this movement is upcycled fashion. This process breathes […]