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Gorpcore Brands To Weather the Elements, Stylishly

Gorpcore Outfit Example Man on Bike in City

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Gorpcore actually takes its name from good old raisins and peanuts (AKA trail mix), the staple diet for the hiking community. Gorpcore is a style of fashion characterized by its tactical, technical and functional design. Gorpcore is made up of a few key pieces, including the shell jacket, cargo or ripstop pants, and puffers and parkas. It’s basically just bringing any piece of clothing that is traditionally used for hiking, and using it as a streetwear fashion style. Over the last few years, Gorpcore has become very mainstream and we’re here to break down some of the brands that are at the peak.

Gorpcore Outwear and Clothing Brands


All Purple Arc'teryx Outfit

This Gorpcore label may be more well-known than any other. Everyone buys Arc’teryx because of the dinosaur bird and because of the exceptional quality of their outdoor clothing. The Vancouver, Canada-based company Arc’teryx was founded in 1989 to make mountaineering gear. After some time, they started to become well-known not only for their climbing equipment, but also for their shell rain coats, which were created using state-of-the-art technology. Gore-Tex. In the present day, it has become one of the most recognizable brands in the world. They have your back whether you’re planning to climb a mountain or just want to make it to work unscathed. 



Snow Peak

Snow Peak Boa Fleece Jacket Full zip

Now we have Snow Peak coming all the way from Japan, well over on the other side of the world. In 1958, Yukio Yamai founded Snow Peak. It’s an outdoor company that uses beautiful Japanese design, but has a calm, carefree vibe. Snow Peak is well-known for stocking an extensive selection of outdoor gear including not only clothing but also tents, lights, and cooking supplies. They sell a wide variety of high-quality camping equipment and supplies. 



And Wander

And Wander Black Puffer Gorpcore Jacket

Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori established And Wander in 2011. Both were employees of Issey Miyake Men. Their products are crafted from sturdy yet lightweight fabrics that withstand water and wind, and have striking color palettes that complement the outdoors while making a bold statement in the city. They use the data gathered from field tests in Japan to inform the development of high-quality products that feature accurate pattern cutting and thoughtful ergonomic elements.



White Mountaineering

White Mountaineering 2023 Collection at Fashion Show.

White Mountaineering was founded in 2006 by Japanese designer Yosuke Aizawa in an attempt to cash in on the then-emerging “haute mountaineering” fad. White Mountaineering’s goods are high fashion because they capture the spirit of outdoor wearability while fusing style and practicality to produce outfits that incorporate both a historical and modern appearance.  Yosuke Aizawa has a degree in product and textile design from Tama Art University. He’s worked for

Moncler W, BURTON THIRTEEN, and adidas Originals. White Mountaineering has had a collaboration with Uniqlo. It’s a mashup of athletic garb and urban attire. 



Nike ACG

Man and woman wearing black Nike ACG puffer jackets.

Nike ACG. In the 1980s, Nike launched a subline focused on outdoor gear known as ACG (all conditions gear). But it was canceled somewhere in the 1990s. That is, until 2014, when Errolson Hugh took over as its new creative director and gave it a fresh start. Nike ACG is a much more wallet-friendly option than many of the others brands on this list. However, the quality of the items may not be as high as that of other labels.


Helly Hansen

Black Helly Hansen insulated winter jacket.

After 140 years in business, Helly Hansen continues to be an industry pioneer with ground-breaking new offerings. Helly Hansen, with headquarters in Norway, has been making life- and health-saving goods for the public for almost 140 years. Helly Juell Hansen, a Norwegian sea captain, devised a method to survive his country’s harsh winters in 1877. Eventually, the story was born after Captain Hansen and his wife Margrethe began producing oilskin coats, pants, sou’westers, and tarps out of coarse linen soaked in linseed oil.

Helly Hansen is trusted by professionals in all environments, including the sea, the mountains, and the office. As a well-known Scandinavian workwear brand, HH places a premium on performance, protection, and safety. In the spirit of continuing Captain Hansen’s work, we have implemented a number of firsts in our business in response to the needs of those who must navigate the world’s harshest environments for work and recreation.




Klattermussem Half Zip Gorpcore Pullover

Klättermusen, established in 1975 by a group of climbers, is known for its high-quality mountaineering equipment, which is the result of a combination of climbing enthusiasts’ passion and expertise. Its designs are battle-tested in the real world to ensure they can handle harsh climates and varied landscapes. Klättermusen manufactures durable, well-crafted mountaineering gear. For almost 40 years, this Northern Swedish company has supplied adventurers with high-performance equipment built to survive harsh conditions. Klättermusen, a company well regarded in the world of hiking, brings a touch of the mountains to your weekend hiking wardrobe.  The company caters to both traditional outdoor enthusiasts and the newer breed of tech-savvy fashionistas. Everything the Swedes make, from the most basic materials to the most high-tech fabric, is part of a never-ending quest to create the greatest climbing gear possible. 



North Face Purple Label AKA Nanamica

North Face Purple Label Gorpcore Outerwear on a beige background.

The North Face Purple Label is one of the most difficult-to-obtain and coveted brands in the Gorpcore space. Purple Label was introduced in 2003 by Nanamica designer Eiichiro Homma, who had previously spent nearly two decades on the design teams for the Japanese imprints of The North Face and Helly Hansen. Homma noticed a demand for heritage-inspired sports apparel with a casual, streetwear-adjacent edge long before “gorpcore” dominated fashion.

Despite their very similar logos, The North Face Purple Label and The North Face are entirely independent companies. Goldwin, a Japanese apparel corporation, has held exclusive rights to market The North Face in Japan and South Korea since 1982. TNFPL is owned by Goldwin. VF, the parent company of The North Face, controls distribution everywhere else; hence, Nanamica and Goldwin may only sell Purple Label in Japan. If you want it, you were required to purchase a plane ticket to Tokyo or utilize a proxy service to circumvent the international shipping ban. And many individuals did so. According to Homma, 40 to 50 percent of the clients at the Tokyo Nanamica stores that offer TNFPL come from outside Japan.



Mountain Hardwear

Man wearing a blue Mountain Hardwear puffer jacket and pair of black hiking pants.




Gray/Beige Gramicci Gorpcore Hiking Pants with belted waist.



Gorpcore Footwear Brands


SALOMON XT-6 White & Lunar Rock

Founded in the Alps of France in 1947, the company’s first focus was on ski equipment. Whether it’s skiing, running, or any other outdoor activity, Salomon has tried his hand at it all. Most notably, their hiking and running shoes have gained a lot of notoriety among outdoor enthusiasts. Every Gorpcore enthusiast owns at least one pair of Salomons. 




Roa black hiking shoes for trails

With a utopian perspective on nature. ROA was established in 2015 as an Italian footwear label. ROA uses crossover, experimental methodologies to create a product that expresses a hybrid attitude towards the landscapes, with explicit references to the newest advancements in the realm of technical outdoors-wear. ROA brings its sporty aesthetic to hiking boots. The company uses cutting-edge, performance-derived materials and building methods to elevate practicality as a core value. It’s the newest company on this list, but its hiking shoes have quickly gained popularity among outdoor enthusiasts and trend-setters both. Fall 2022 marks their first apparel line, and they are of the highest quality and most incredible design. 



Futuristic gorpcore sneakers, Mizuno Wave Prophecy 11

Mizuno is a well-known brand in the running shoe industry, but what many people may not realize is that they also offer shoes that fit into the futuristic and gorpcore style. Mizuno’s running shoes have always been known for their superior comfort and performance, but they have recently expanded their product line to include shoes that are more fashion-forward. These shoes feature sleek, modern designs with metallic accents and bold colorways that are perfect for the futuristic style. Additionally, Mizuno has also introduced shoes that fit into the gorpcore trend, which is all about mixing outdoor gear with urban fashion. These shoes are designed to be both practical and stylish, with rugged materials and utilitarian features like waterproofing and trail-ready soles. Overall, Mizuno is not just a brand for runners, but also for fashion-conscious individuals who want a shoe that can keep up with their style and performance needs.



Asics black gorpcore sneaker

ASICS, the Japanese athletic shoe and apparel brand, is well known for its utilitarian shoes that are designed for a range of outdoor activities. To create these Gorpcore-inspired sneakers, ASICS draws inspiration from a wide range of outdoor influences, including nature, terrain, weather, and human movement patterns. By combining these outdoor influences with cutting-edge technology and materials, ASICS is able to create shoes that not only look good, but perform well in a variety of challenging conditions.


Gorpcore Outfit Inspiration

All Black Outfit with Arc’teryx Jacket

All Black Arc'Teryx Outfit

Brown and Black Gorpcore Outfit

Beige and Browns Gorpcore Outfit

Deep Pile Fleece Gorpcore Outfit

Deep Pile Gorpcore Outfit, consisting of a Helly Hansen mid-layer, northface hat, and black pants.

Metallic Gorpcore Outfit

Purple and Silver Gorpcore Outfit. Arc'teryx Jacket, ROA Sneakers

FAQs About Gorpcore

The GORP part of Gorpcore stands for Good Old Raisins and Peanuts which is a common phrase used by the hiking community and is a metaphor for trail mix. In fashion, “Core” is frequently appended to the end of words and just means style or trend.
Arc’teryx is the number 1 Gorpcore brand in 2022 heading into 2023. The Arc’teryx dinosaur logo is iconic in the Gorpcore fashion community.
Vintage Columbia hiking, rain and winter clothing is a great replacement for the high priced Gorpcore of today. Secondhand sites like Ebay and Poshmark are flooded with vintage Columbia and you can get it for a fraction of the price of brands like Arc’teryx

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