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Angelcore vs Devilcore: Which Fashion Aesthetic Suits You Best

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We all know that fashion is highly differentiated and many unique styles and trends. Here, we are going to dive into two aesthetics at opposite ends of the style spectrum: angelcore and devilcore. The two aesthetics are very much in contrast with one another, one embracing light and the heavens, while the other is dark and creepy. Both embrace femininity in their way and verge on the cusp of costume. Discover what defines angelcore and devilcore and the brands and garments that draw inspiration from their respective aesthetics. 

What is Angelcore?

Angelcore is a modern fashion aesthetic inspired by angel motifs, utilizing imagery of angels, wings, cherubs, and halos. Much of the colors and imagery takes direct inspiration from the 18th-century architectural style of Rococo and Baroque. Most famous for soft depictions of the heavens and angels, the contemporary angelcore aesthetic derives its color palette and soft energy directly from works of this time. Angelcore features a soft pastel color palette, often baby blues, pinks, and various shades of white. The overall appearance of this look is light, dainty – heavenly. 

What types of clothing are most common in angelcore?

This aesthetic is remarkably soft, from the materials used to the cuts and silhouettes. Some iconic angelcore fashion includes dresses and tops featuring lace detail and made from satin or flowing fabrics. Angelcore clothing ranges from casual to almost costume, a more casual adoption of the style features babydoll tops with empire waists or graphic baby tees. Common imagery is of course angels, but also images of the heavens, clouds, cherubs, wings, doves, and halos in various shades of baby blue or soft pastel pink.  

A more costume version of the angelcore aesthetic is wearing lingerie as daywear but in soft shades of pink, blue, or cream. Angelcore often has a soft sensual angle, playing this up or down according to where you are going is a fun aspect of the overall aesthetic.

Accessories that accent any key angelcore outfit includes pearls, lace ribbon, and delicate gold jewelry. Think dainty and heavenly when it comes to this look, pearls carry significant symbolism within Rococo and Baroque works, they represent light and femininity. Light and feminine pieces are entirely essential to this aesthetic.

Where can you buy angelcore fashion?

Shopping online through a multi-brand shop or a marketplace is the easiest way to find a variety of brands, styles, and sizes that will work best for your angelcore outfits. Get inspired before you shop, it is much easier to find items online if you have a concept of what you are looking for. Strong keywords like “lace”, “wings”, and “angel” are a great place to start your search. If you are trying to shop secondhand, platforms like depop are  great for curated collections.

Knowing whether you are planning to go more casual with this aesthetic or are taking a more costume approach will help determine where you should shop online. A more costumed look will require specialty items like lingerie, so exploring a shop that works with these styles will offer the greatest selection.

A casual version of angelcore will feature garments and items that the average consumer will already have as an essential in their closet, like denim and light toned sweaters. When shopping, focus on a soft color palette, flowing tops, and finishing with the right accessories. Accessorizing properly can make or break a casual angelcore outfit. 

What is Devilcore?

Often held in contrast with angelcore, devilcore is an aesthetic that draws inspiration from the spooky and creepy, and can even have a slightly seductive angle. The motifs of the devilcore aesthetic are much wider than that of angelcore, not drawing inspiration from a single architectural era. Satan and satanic imagery have a strong influence on the style, however, there are many cultures with different definitions and imagery of satan across the centuries. Picking your own references and stories of satan will aid in creating your own unique take on the devilcore aesthetic. If you really don’t believe in dopamine dressing, then demoncore will certainly suit you.

What types of clothing are most common in devilcore?

Common types of clothing that do have some overlap within the devilcore aesthetic are of course pieces that feature red and leather. This aesthetic can look very much like a costume, you can either embrace the dramatic costume look or add simple accessories that hint toward the style. 

The heavy costume approach will feature lots of red and black, with heavy finishes like chunky metal detailing or leather straps. Statement pieces like a corset are a great option, they can be bold and heavy on the eye or feature a light dainty style with the core material being lace, ideally black. Accessories like dental fangs or grills can add to the overall overdone look. 

If you are interested in a more casual look, materials like velvet and tweed in a conventional cut can be styled for every day. Dresses and heavy layering are just a few ways to keep the look subtle, but still in the devilcore aesthetic. 

Finish any devilcore outfit with accessories, this is a critical last step that can create a polished final look. Chains and heavy accessories like leather straps can round out the most casual of looks without making them look like a costume. Nails are a great accessory to consider for this aesthetic, long stiletto or almond shaped nails with dark details can elevate all of your looks. 

Make-up is the ultimate accessory to any devilcore look. Heavy eyes, dark tones, and red lips are famously embraced. Dawning a full face of make-up is encouraged as it can complete a costumed goal. Highlighting dark circles under the eyes, and creating an unpolished, grunge will help you look devilish. 

Where can you buy devilcore fashion?

Devilcore clothing is more readily available in-store compared to angelcore clothing. Devilcore is an offshoot of goth or alternative fashion, and these styles have been loved and embraced for decades. You can find them on the high streets through brands like Rick Owens, who fully embraces an alternative, dark aesthetic down to more casually known shops like Demonia, New Rock, and Tripp NYC. These brands are just a few of the dozens of alternative brands on the market that carry alternative fashion, some with devilcore specific lines. 

If you are shopping for something specific, always do your research and look online first. Online you have the option to order items directly from a larger pure-player marketplace or a niche seller on Etsy. Not all regions have large enough customer bases to build a stand-alone brick-and-mortar shop, so shopping their online storefronts can be a great option. The devilcore aesthetic is highly customizable, if you can’t find something you want in all likelihood there is a designer or craftsman that can make you a custom piece for a relatively affordable price. 

Understanding the references you want to embrace in creating your personal take on the devilcore aesthetic will guide your shopping experience. When just starting, consider accessories as a simple first step. Devilcore can be a very dramatic look, changing your entire wardrobe overnight may not be an easy transition. A fast shift does not allow your tastes and interests to develop, accessorizing first will allow you to break into this aesthetic more easily, then later invest in your larger statement pieces once you have a better idea of how you want to style yourself. 

If you’re interested in diving into other fashion aesthetics we recommend checking out Gremlincore and Cryptidcore next!

FAQs About Angelcore and Devilcore

Angelcore is contemporary aesthetic inspired by the imagery and depictions of angels. It is a flexible aesthetic that ranges based on the era of angel that one is emulating.
Devilcore, sometimes known as demoncore, is a fashion aesthetic that is bold and dark and edgy. It is almost goth-like and has many similarities to the goth aesthetic.
Devilcore is primarily composed of black and red, but can extend to other colors as well.

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