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Deion Sanders’ Sunglasses Through the Decades

Deion Sanders, a name synonymous with style and charisma, has always been a trendsetter, both on and off the football field. His choice of sunglasses has always turned heads, from his unforgettable draft day to his cameos in rap music videos. Even after retiring from football, his fashion sense continues to impress, as highlighted by his feature in GQ. Now, as Coach Prime, Sanders is taking his style legacy further by partnering with Blenders Eyewear. We explore the evolution of Sanders’ eyewear, from vintage classics to contemporary designs, letting you channel the unique cool of Deion Sanders.

DesignerPrice Where to buyYear
Emmanuelle Khanh (Vintage) $500 (Estimated)eBay1989
Gianfranco Ferrè (Vintage)$250 (Estimated)eBay1994
Valentino Garavani (Vintage)$250 (Estimated)eBay2023
Jacques Marie Mage$750Jacques Marie Mage2023
Heat Wave $70Heat WavePresent

Draft Day 1989

Deion Sanders Draft Day 1989 Sunglasses

Deion gets interviewed on draft day and proves to be a once-in-a-century icon, a man born to be a superstar. In this interview, Deion expressed his excitement about being drafted by the Atlanta Falcons. When asked about his response to Detroit drafting Barry Sanders, Deion iconically said, “I would have asked for so much money, they would have had to put me on layaway.”  And a star way born, sporting a pair of Emmanuelle Khanh Sunglasses with a Snakeskin Trim. Similar pairs pop up on secondhand sites like eBay from time to time. However, this style from the 1980s is generally hard to come by.

Prime Time Rap Album 1994

Prime Time Rap Album 1994 Sunglasses

Deion’s debut album was released by Bust It Records, the label owned by MC Hammer. It was released on December 26, 1994, and its best-known song is Must be the Money. The sunglasses he’s seen wearing on the album cover were made by Gianfranco Ferrè. In the music video, he wears the same sunglasses as well as some other pairs.  

GQ February 2023 Cover

Deion Sanders GQ Cover 2023 Sunglasses

Deion dressed in a luxurious turtle kneck, red corduroy jacquard pants and covered in a fur coat. He stands in front of a helicopter in the middle of a field. And what shades does he have on? Well, these appear to be a vintage pair by Valentino Garavani. The exact model is unclear, but “shield” or “goggles” are good descriptions of the style. 

GQ Feburary 2023 Article Spread

Deion Sanders GQ Spread 2023 Sunglasses

Standing confidently, Prime rocks a Paul Smith Sweater, Leather (Horsehide) Pants, and covered in an Adrienne Landau fur coat. The fit is completed by a pair of Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses that retail for $750. The specific style is called Molino. 

Deion Sander’s Present-Day Sunglasses

While vintage sunglasses are hard to come by, there are new options that you can pre-order or buy today. We got you covered, with 3 solid options to express yourself like Deion.

Blenders x Coach Prime

In a move that blended sports legacy with contemporary fashion, Blenders Eyewear, announced a dynamic collaboration with Deion Sanders in September 2023. Within days of launching, the collaboration presold over $5 million worth of sunglasses. 

The Blenders Prime 21 sunglasses celebrate Prime’s first season as Colorado’s head coach with a striking monochromatic design. Available in black and gold, these shades feature a crystal gold frame and gold mirrored lens. The metallic ‘PRIME’ and ‘WE COMING’ temple badging add a unique touch, making these sunglasses a stylish tribute to a sports legend, all at an accessible price of $67.

The following 2 options are speculated to have been worn by Deion. They are newer options and can be purchased directly from the companies. They each have mirrored lenses and have the shield silhouette which gives off a sporty vibe. 

Budget Pick:  Heat Wave Visual Lazer Face Z87 

Price: $70

The Lazer Face sunglasses, priced at $70, offer a stylish, futuristic look ideal. They boast high-performance features suitable for various sports, ensuring both protection and style. These sunglasses are a perfect choice for those seeking a trendy yet functional accessory for active lifestyles.

Performance Pick: Smith Wildcat

Price: $209

The Smith Wildcat sunglasses feature a versatile design perfect for both high-intensity activities and casual coaching on the sidelines. Their ChromaPop™ lenses not only enhance the natural color and contrast for optimal vision. The goggle/shield frame is similar to the elegant Valentino Garavani’s that Deion wore in the GQ cover photo. This iconic style, paired with the mirrored lens makes the Smith Wildcat a perfect representation of Prime’s style.

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