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Gremlincore Fashion: Nature-Inspired Style

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Gremlincore fashion is an emerging trend that has taken inspiration from the natural world, drawing directly from cute flora and fauna in forested environments. The aesthetic focuses on earthy colors, textured fabrics, and loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. Layering is also a key element of Gremlincore fashion, with flannels, denim jackets, and cardigans often worn over sweaters or dresses. Chunky, lace-up boots are a popular footwear choice, and unusual socks are a fun way to add personality to an outfit. To accessorize a Gremlincore outfit, many followers of the trend turn to jewelry made from found objects or upcycled materials, such as bottle caps or old buttons. Overall, the Gremlincore look emphasizes coziness, comfort, and a connection to the natural world. This article explores the key characteristics of Gremlincore fashion and offers suggestions for key pieces to incorporate into a Gremlincore wardrobe.

Characteristics of Gremlincore Fashion

There is much that can be considered Gremlincore fashion, but the following are some of the critical characteristics found throughout the different variations of the aesthetic. 

Oversized and baggy clothes 

Gremlincore outfits are all about comfort and loose-fitting clothes. Think oversized hoodies, baggy pants, and chunky knit sweaters. These types of clothing add to the cozy, comfortable vibe of the aesthetic and are often seen in earthy tones or muted colors. 

Layered clothing


Layering is a hallmark of Gremlincore fashion. Think flannel shirts over t-shirts or hoodies, denim jackets over sweaters, or cardigans over dresses.

Earthy colors 

Gremlincore outfits often feature muted or earthy colors, like forest greens, browns, and grays. These colors give the outfits an earthy, grounded look that is in line with the naturalistic inspiration behind the aesthetic. Muted and natural hues have the added benefit of creating a feeling of warmth and coziness, which evokes a nostalgic and authentic vibe.

Textured fabrics 

Gremlincore outfits often include rough, textured fabrics like corduroy, wool, or flannel. These fabrics add to the rugged look of the clothing and give the outfits a cozy, comforting feel. Corduroy is a great fabric to look for since it is generally brown or green and is also very durable and long-lasting.

Chunky Shoes 

Gremlincore fashion often features chunky, lace-up boots. These boots add to the rugged aesthetic of the outfits and can be paired with a variety of different clothing items. You may also wish to pair your Gremlincore outfit with a pair of Mary Janes or leather or suede loafers. 

Key Pieces in a Gremlincore Wardrobe

There is no one way to achieve the gremlincore look, but here are a few key pieces that many who follow the aesthetic commonly have in their wardrobes. 

Turtle Neck Long Sleeve

Layers are a critical component of gremlincore, a long sleeve turtleneck is a smart base layer to build on. Opt for a light fabric, as the layering can build to a warm outfit in a neutral color like olive green, beige, rich brown, or black. When it comes to basics, elevate the piece with texture, and go with a waffle knit, or lettuce hem finish.  

Chunky Knit Sweater or Cardigan

A great staple to have for gremlincore is a chunky sweater or cardigan. A larger item like this is a great focal point for an outfit, it can transform the most simple of outfits into a gremlincore outfit with the right accessories. When investing in pieces, spend time to find the right texture, or knit gauge and cut for your body type. 

Corduroy or Canvas Jacket

A jacket can really polish off a gremlincore look. Materials like corduroy or canvas are natural and heavily textured which adds to the overall earthy aesthetic. Corduroy is best for colder temperatures and canvas in the summer as it is a cotton-based fabric and breathes. 

Brown Skirt or Dress

Brown is the ultimate earthy color and tone. A skirt or dress is a great key piece to have in any gremlincore wardrobe. Skirts and dresses are very feminine and add an overall earthy, ethereal energy to any outfit. 


Photo by Joseph Frank on Unsplash

The woodsy, and outdoorsy look of the aesthetic lends well to workwear pieces like overalls in natural materials like denim and canvas. Overalls are a stellar casual basic for gremlincore, they work for all seasons and add ease to make the look put together. 

Unusual Socks 

Socks with unusual patterns, particularly those inspired by nature (frogs, mushrooms, etc.), are appropriate for this look. Mismatched socks may work if you’re going for a carefree, messy look. 

Canvas Bag

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

A simple addition to any gremlicore aficionado is a canvas bag. This is one of the easiest pieces to source and make your own. They are highly functional and add to the natural, earthy energy of the aesthetic. 

Accessorizing Your Gremlin Core Outfit

Overall, the key to incorporating found object jewelry into a gremlincore outfit is to embrace the unconventional and DIY aspect of the aesthetic. By repurposing objects that might otherwise be thrown away, you can create jewelry that is not only unique but also eco-friendly. Since Gremlincore is so focused on earthy themes, creating jewelry that feels as though it is from the earth can go a long way in sprucing up your outfit. 

The main way people accessorize a Gremlincore outfit is by using Jewelry Made from found objects and upcycled materials such as:

  • Bottle cap earrings. To add some flair, consider painting or distressing the caps for a more worn look.
  • Leather cord necklace: A simple leather cord necklace can be adorned with a variety of found objects, such as feathers. The leather cord adds to the naturalistic feel of the outfit, while the found objects give it a unique, personal touch.
  • Button brooch: Old buttons can be easily transformed into a brooch by attaching them to a safety pin or a piece of wire. You can arrange the buttons in a pattern or go for a more eclectic look with a random assortment of sizes and colors.
  • Handmade craftsy pendants: Using clay, some paint, and a little creativity you can create your own nature-inspired pendants. 


In conclusion, Gremlincore fashion is a rising trend that draws inspiration from nature, offering a comfortable and cozy style. The aesthetic emphasizes earthy tones, textured fabrics, and oversized, loose-fitting clothes. Layering and chunky shoes, such as lace-up boots, are common features, while found object jewelry made from upcycled materials adds a touch of individuality. Unique and eco-friendly pieces add to the DIY, unconventional aspect of the aesthetic, making this style very approachable, even for newcomers. 

FAQs About Gremlincore

They refer to the same aesthetic. While Gremlincore and goblincore share similarities in their connection to nature and appreciation for cozy, earthy aesthetics, they are not the same thing. Gremlincore emerged as an alternative term to avoid the anti-Semitic origins associated with goblins, providing a more inclusive option for those who enjoy the aesthetic but are uncomfortable with the historical connotations of “goblincore.”
Crowcore, mushroomcore, and dark academia are similar aesthetics which all share an affinity for nature, vintage elements, and a focus on coziness and comfort.
Cottagecore is a romanticized aesthetic centered around rural life, softness, and vintage charm, while goblincore is more focused on the whimsical, earthy side of nature, often embracing the odd and unconventional.

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