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Men’s Fashion Trends: The 2024 Edition

The new year is always a great excuse to revitalize one’s fashion sense, and as 2024 treks on, there are a number of trends set to dominate the men’s fashion market.

Throughout the early 2020s, there have been a number of consistencies across men’s fashion as seen through the demands for Y2K adornments and streetwear. Yet, 2024 seems to have a few new tricks up its sleeve– including the inclination toward “Peach Fuzz,” according to Pantone’s Color of the Year forecast. 

To help you get your wardrobe together for 2024, we have gathered six trends that we predict will dominate men’s fashion this year, along with how you can style them.

Crochet Clothing

Bode Crochet Shirt White and Maroon

While crochet accessories crept their way into the mainstream over the past year, we foresee a rise in crochet clothing such as shirts, jackets, and pants from big and small brands alike. Not only are crochet pieces extremely versatile, but their breathability makes them a comfortable layer to add to many outfits.

GQ advises that men trying to style crochet shirts specifically should keep things simple by pairing the top with other neutral pieces that could be complementary, such as trousers, a good quality undershirt, and a nice pair of shades.  

Puffer Pieces

Model Wearing a Celine Homme Bob Padded Quilted Shell Bucket Hat with a glitter shirt.

Puffer jackets have always been a winter staple, but as oversized pieces and statement accessories continue to gain traction, we predict that oversized puffer jackets, along with other puffed pieces such as hats, vests, and bags will be huge this winter season and next fall.

2024 Fashion Trends puffer accessories tote bags and laptop case.

Not only are these pieces optimal for colder conditions, but they also provide a simple way to elevate your outfit and stay fashionable amidst harsh winds, snow, and sleet. If you’re looking to purchase puffer pieces you can look into Rains.

Short Shorts

Man wearing ultra short shorts and an orange polo shirt.

Although “jorts,” or jean shorts, had a big comeback moment in men’s and women’s fashion during the summer of 2023, shorts that fall above the knee are set to make waves throughout men’s fashion this year. As seen through the Spring/Summer 2024 fashion collections of luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Hermès, men’s shorts are getting shorter and shorter.

The prospect of “too much thigh” can definitely be a bit intimidating, but when tailored to your specific fashion sense, it can be quite the statement. Those whose style leans more casual can wear shorter shorts with a graphic t-shirt, a baseball cap or trucker hat, and a pair of staple sneakers. Alternatively, those whose style leans more business casual can pair shorter shorts with an oversized blazer, a dress shirt, and a nice pair of loafers.  

Bold and Bolder Prints

Man wearing high-waisted wool trousers and a matching blazer. A bold cheetah print shirt and gloves give sthe outfit some pop.

The maximalist, “more is more” mindset has heavily influenced fashion in recent years. Therefore, it is no surprise that bold prints are in.

Vogue states that we are currently in the midst of a “leopard print revival,” with a number of Spring/Summer 2024 fashion collections utilizing the bold print. We predict that animal prints, along with other vibrant color palettes will dominate men’s fashion. Think floral prints, statement accessories, and even color-blocking. There will always be room for neutral tones, but 2024 is the year of color!

Classic Sneakers

A pair of White Air Force 1 Lows stacked on each other with a outdoor basketball court as the backdrop.

Sneakers will never really go out of style, but between “hype sneakers” and overzealous resellers, there is definitely a need to return the classics.

Nike Air Force 1s and the Adidas Sambas are among sneakers that, due to their accessibility and affordability, are likely to be seen on the feet of many men this year. Whether one is aiming for a streetwear-inspired look or a casual go-to shoe for running errands, you can never go wrong with a classic sneaker.

High Waisted Pants… Belt Optional

Loewe Runway 2024 man wearing old money aesthetic with a pair of high-waister trousers.

If you’re seeking to add a unique touch that subtly enhances your style, you should definitely consider incorporating high-waisted trousers into your wardrobe. This style accentuates the waistline and creates a flattering, elongated silhouette that blends vintage charm with contemporary fashion. Originally popular before the 1950s, high-waisted trousers experienced a resurgence in the 1980s, and we predict that they’ll be huge this year. They’ve been popping on runways from designers like Prada, Loewe, Wales Bonner, and Rick Owens. Generally worn with tucked-in shirts, high-waisted pants give you the opportunity to add some pop to your outfit – especially with a statement belt. 

Bonus: Aesthetics that will be part of 2024

The aesthetics shaping men’s fashion in 2024 have been gradually evolving, reflecting a blend of past and present trends. Quiet luxury, with its elegant, tailored look, surprisingly pairs well with the handmade charm of crochet shirts, adding a unique texture to the aesthetic’s understated sophistication. Meanwhile, blokecore inspired by soccer culture, finds a perfect match in classic sneakers like Nike Air Force 1s and Adidas Sambas, which complement its casual, sporty vibe. These combinations exemplify the fusion of nostalgia and modernity in 2024’s fashion landscape, showcasing how individual trends can seamlessly integrate with broader stylistic themes.

Quiet Luxury 

Exemplified by classy outfits without loud branding, quiet luxury entails slim-fitting pieces that are more tailored to fit your body. Pieces like high-waisted wool trousers, knitwear, polo shirts, and anything linen all fit under this quiet luxury, “old money” aesthetic. 

Y2K and Newstalgia 

In 2024, the resurgence of Y2K men’s fashion is notably marked by the revival of brands like Ed Hardy, now gaining fresh relevance through collaborations with UK streetwear brand Unknown London. This era’s iconic trucker hats, along with the distinctive styles of Affliction and Abercrombie & Fitch, are making a strong comeback, blending nostalgic designs with contemporary urban trends in men’s fashion.


With the integration of soccer (football) stars into luxury fashion (see Jack Grealish and Gucci) there’s an ever-increasing overlap. With the EUFA Euro 2024 coming up this summer, along with the World Cup coming to the U.S. in 2026, there’s no doubt that soccer and fashion will only continue to rise. From vintage jerseys to streetwear collaborations, don’t sleep on soccer-inspired fashion. 


Color-blocking seamlessly blends with the quiet luxury aesthetic, adding just the right pop of color to elevate sophisticated ensembles. This approach allows for a subtle yet impactful infusion of vibrancy, perfectly complementing the understated elegance of high-end fashion.

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