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Spacecore: The Out of This World Fashion Aesthetic

Bald man wearing futuristic looking purple puffer coat in the space-inspired theme.

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The adoption of spacecore has picked up in recent years from runway and high street to affordable ready-to-wear. Discover what defines spacecore and the brands and garments that draw inspiration from the aesthetic. 

What is space core?

The spacecore aesthetic is a design philosophy encompassing a wide variety of space inspired pieces, patterns, and styles. Clothing and accessories that fall under this category of fashion place a fascination or appreciation of space and all things extraterrestrial as a core component of their works. Common motifs are the sun and moon, stars, planets, and other astronomical objects. Spacecore can also be referred to as astrocore or cosmic core. 

How did space core start? 

The spacecore clothing and aesthetic can be traced as far back as human interest in space existed. In the 1960s and 1970s, however, the first films taking place in space like 2001: Space Odyssey. And later at the dawn of the Star Wars franchise, only then did audiences begin to get a sense of what fashion could look like in space.

Fashion of course is not entirely composed of costumey pieces that the characters wore in the films of this genre, today most spacecore features patterns and technical elements that hint toward a space with a more general aesthetic.

What types of clothing are common in space core? 

Common garment types that are seen as spacecore favorites are bodysuits and tights. These are simple basics to build a look off of and work for nearly all occasions. Outerwear is another common staple that completes an outfit, a trench coat in a dark color palette works excellently for a spacecore look. Look for a trench coat with modern finishes and materials, this will add to the overall effect. Other garments like sneakers, sweaters, and tops are great canvases for spacecore motifs. These can either work in your wardrobe as statement pieces if they feature a bold pattern or as a staple if the style is muted and understated. 

Which brands have experimented with space core?

Countless brands have taken inspiration from the universe beyond earth, and contemporary brands actively striking new works with elements of spacecore in mind. 


Michaela Sachenbacher and Errolson Hugh started ACRONYM in 2002. This was 10 years after they worked as consultants on the relaunch of Nike’s once-dormant ACG collection of technical and outdoors gear. ACRONYM creates an uncompromising style that feels out of this world with inspiration taken from the cosmos and universe. ACRONYM emphasizes the importance of technological craft and a passion to consistently innovate its fabrics and design. The result is an incredibly sleek, high quality line of clothing.


Pleasures is an LA-based streetwear brand, taking inspiration from the music of the founders’ childhood. The brand takes heavy inspiration from concert merch and the artist’s lifestyle, featuring motifs like sex, drugs, violence, and nudity. With music in mind, the brand has used space and the universe beyond as inspiration. Not all of their work revolves around space, but they have a fresh and unique perspective that translates well when they do go the spacecore route. 

Marine Serre 

The French designer, Marine Serre has quickly grown a cult following in recent years in the couture fashion world. Iconically known for her crescent moon pattern, her work features futuristic silhouettes and pieces that could be labeled “spacecore”. Her best known ready-to-wear pieces are bodysuits and leggings adorning her now famous print. The print itself is astrologically inspired and the pieces can be layered easily with a spacecore full look. Her more recent seasons have a grunge, almost apocalyptic energy – perfect if you prefer a less polished look.


Nike is a brand for the masses, they carry and feature pieces that fit nearly all tastes. Nike of course has taken inspiration from space on numerous occasions. In 2014, they released a commemorative shoe to honor the 1969 Apollo 11 mission, the mission where Neil Armstrong made his first steps on the moon. The Nike Air Max Lunar90 SP Moon Landing was released in select shops in a single drop. 

Additionally, the brand has had a long standing collaboration with American artist Tom Sachs, best known for his space obsessed works. Tom Sach and Nike’s joint venture: NikeCraft is a decades-long love letter to a childhood fascination with space and NASA. The fruits of this collaboration include, but are not limited to the three versions of the Mars Yard Shoe, the Mars Yard Overshoe, the ‘exploding poncho,’ and more. The releases of each of these pieces coincide with space inspired and physical art installations. Sachs and Nike are still at work and future projects are highly anticipated. 


A futuristic brand out of Ukraine, the founder Anna Osmekhina began with designs highly inspired by tattoos and the body as a canvas. Over the years much of the same silhouettes and design principles carry through. Recent seasons have been inspired by futuristic motifs with almost alien-like cuts. Taking inspiration from the digital and entirely futuristic realm, most of the brand’s work could be used as a uniform for a colony on Mars. Anna Osmekhina originally had her start in costume design and much of her work today is out of this world. 

Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster Translucent Oracle sunglasses inspired by stars and the galaxy. Good example of a spacecore accessory.

Gentle Monster, a South Korean eyewear brand, serves as an excellent example of how Korean streetwear can influence the spacecore aesthetic. Known for their avant-garde designs and innovative approach to eyewear, Gentle Monster has created sunglasses that effortlessly merge futuristic elements with fashion-forward style. Some of their frames feature space-inspired accents, such as iridescent lenses, sleek metallic finishes, and bold, otherworldly shapes.


Collusion is an affordable streetwear brand available on online marketplaces such as ASOS. This brand is almost entirely unisex, with the vast major their collections shot and presented for anyone. They are heavily inspired by the newest in streetwear, offering bold oversized shapes, and bright patterns. The brand has dabbled in spacecore pieces in the form of graphic print shirts, futuristic cuts, and alternative detailing. 

Spacecore Outfit Inspiration

Orange Iridescent Spacecore Outfit

1980s era orange tracksuit paired with a Nike Air Max 90 Mars Landing. Accessorized with a Shiny black vinyl bucket hat and a pair of orange Y2K shield sunglasses.

Where can you buy space core? 

Spacecore outfits and items are most readily available through online retailers. Spacecore is a relatively niche aesthetic, shopping online is going to offer the best selection with more reasonable pricing. There is always the option to shop in-store, knowing where to go is key. Online secondhand marketplaces are a great option if you understand what you are looking for and want a more affordable or sustainable option. 

Online Retailers

Shopping online is going to offer the widest selection, either an online marketplace or a multi-brand retailer is best. There you can search by keywords and brands you most associate with your individual take on spacecore. People whose sizes and fits are outside of the spectrum of what may be carried in-store will have much better luck finding better fits and niche brands that cater to them. 

In-store Retailers

Shopping in person is ideal if you want to physically see, feel, and try-on garments before you buy. Knowing the types of brands and stores that will carry the styles and garment shapes that fit the spacecore aesthetic is critical before heading to the shops. Research is key, do your diligence and create a rough plan to ensure you are discovering items you like. Simply going to a large department store that offers multiple brands might not be the best route. Know which brands could offer items you might like beforehand. Keep in mind, not all stores and brands carry their full selections and sizes, however, in-store experiences offer inspiration for styling and outfit combinations. Don’t discount what you might find, you never know what might spark your imagination.

Secondhand Online Marketplace

Shopping secondhand is a great option if you are sustainably conscientious or working with a budget. Secondhand online marketplaces offer a large variety of spacecore pieces but in an easily discoverable way. Filtering your search by brand or keywords makes shopping more satisfying and enjoyable. Spacecore, although popular, remains relatively niche, and shopping at a traditional secondhand shop may not offer enough strong options the way a secondhand online marketplace can.

FAQs About Spacecore

Astronomy, stars, and planets are at the heart of the aesthetic style known as “spacecore.” It is also known by alternative names such as cosmic core or astrocore.
You can shop the spacecore aesthetic in multiple ways, but you may find that secondhand marketplaces such as Etsy and Depop have sellers who specialize in curating spacecore clothing pieces.
Glitter, Glow in the Dark accessories, Shiny vinyl, neons, and iridescent fabrics.

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