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7 Golf Lifestyle Brands Inspired by Streetwear Culture

The green is getting a streetwear makeover. Gone are the days of strictly traditional golf attire. A new wave of golf lifestyle brands is emerging, seamlessly blending the edgy, vibrant aesthetics of streetwear with the classic elements of golf clothing. This innovative fusion is attracting a diverse, style-conscious audience to the fairways, signaling a significant shift in the golf fashion landscape. We explore 7 dynamic brands at the forefront of this exciting transformation, redefining what it means to dress for a day on or off the course.

Author’s Notes: 

  1. We have omitted Golf Wang from this list. Tyler the Creator’s brand has nothing to do with the sport. 
  2. People who don’t skate can wear Supreme and Stüssy, so you don’t need to golf to wear these brands.

Without further ado, let’s get this off the tee.

Metalwood Studio

Metalwood Studio, founded in 2020 by former college golfer Cole Young, combines lifestyle elements, club repair services, and an online community. Based in Los Angeles, the brand pays homage to ’90s golf styles and vintage clubs. The Metal Logo 5-Panel Hat, alongside their playful graphic tees, encapsulates a streetwear vibe that fits perfectly in LA’s urban landscape. Young’s vision for Metalwood, blending streetwear’s edgy graphics with retro golf fashion, has made it a beloved brand among both golfers and fashion enthusiasts.

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Eastside Golf

The 2 founders of golf x streetwear lifestyle brand Eastside Golf

In 2020, Eastside Golf emerged from the creative minds of Olajuwon Ajanaku and Earl Cooper, alumni of Morehouse College’s golf team. The brand, inspired by basketball and Black culture, features a swinging chain logo reminiscent of the iconic Jumpman, signifying a shift in golf’s traditional demographic. Eastside’s collaboration with Jordan Brand has elevated its status. The brand’s journey, from Ajanaku’s east Atlanta roots to the national stage, embodies its motto, “Be Authentic,” appealing to both established athletes and rising stars in golf.

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Queens Country Club

Man wearing Queens Country Club clothing on a golf course.

Established in 2023 by Justin An, Queens Country Club is dedicated to offering a community-oriented, affordable, and comfortable clothing line tailored for both on and off the golf course, specifically designed to cater to the diverse residents of Queens, the most diverse borough in New York City. With a mission to make golf more accessible and inclusive, the all-cotton-based product line ensures wearers feel comfortable not only during golf sessions but also in their everyday lives. Golfers can experience a premium feel with what QCC has to offer, embodying the ethos of comfort, accessibility, and inclusivity.

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Malbon Golf Adidas Collaboration

Founded in 2017 by Stephen and Erica Malbon, Malbon has quickly established itself as a lifestyle brand deeply influenced by the world of golf. Rejecting the traditional loud and colorful polos, Malbon offers a diverse range of collections, including the Malbon Golf and Yacht Club, alongside high-profile collaborations with brands like New Balance and Budweiser. These collaborations, often with a nod to West Coast skate culture and classic menswear, have placed Malbon at the forefront of the golf fashion revolution. Their iconic “Buckets” logo is now a staple on a variety of items, from hoodies to chinos, symbolizing a new wave in golf fashion.

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Students Golf

Students Golf, founded in 2021 by Michael Huynh in Los Angeles, stands as a testament to golf’s evolving fashion scene. The brand is known for its witty and ironic approach to golf wear. With slogans like “Swing Mechanics” and “Golf May Tear Us Apart,” Students Golf challenges the conventional and often empty performance claims of heritage golf brands. The brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity is evident in its vibrant collections, making golf fashion more approachable and enjoyable for all.

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2 models in the Devereux Golf lookbook wearing golf and streetwear attire.

Devereux, started by brothers Will and Bert Brunner in 2013, reflects the shifting landscape of golf toward inclusivity and community. The brand’s ethos, “Play More, Complain Less,” captures its aesthetic perfectly. Devereux’s philosophy extends beyond the golf course, encouraging a positive outlook in all aspects of life. Their fashion-forward, inclusive approach is a breath of fresh air in the golfing world, inviting a new audience to the sport.

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Radry Golf, emerging from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is revolutionizing golf fashion with its artistic and pop-culture-infused designs. Founded by Tony Knapton, this Instagram-famous brand stands out with its vibrant collection that echoes 90’s aesthetics and current trends in art, music, and humor. Radry’s apparel features unique and whimsical designs, such as an antagonistic goose holding a golf ball and playful renditions of iconic figures.

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More than just a trend

Golf-inspired apparel brands are focusing on creating stylish and fashionable clothing that appeals to younger demographics, breaking away from the traditional and often outdated stereotypes associated with golf attire. This contemporary approach to design helps make the game more relatable and accessible to younger players who may be drawn to the sport’s aesthetic appeal.

Justin An, Queens Country Club

The intersection of streetwear and golf apparel is more than just a trend; it’s a movement. These visionary brands are not only transforming the aesthetic of golf attire but are also challenging the norms and traditions of the sport itself. By infusing golf fashion with streetwear’s bold and inclusive spirit, they are attracting a new generation of players and spectators, reshaping the golfing world’s identity. This fusion of style and sport heralds a future where golf is not just a game but a lifestyle, accessible and appealing to all.

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