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Top 10 Australian Streetwear Brands [2024 Edition]

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From the sunny beaches of Perth to the bustling laneways of Melbourne, the streetwear scene in Australia is as varied and vibrant as the landscape of the Lucky Country itself. With unique designs, bold collaborations, and a strong nod to the skate and urban cultures, these brands and designers are making a name for themselves not just on the home turf, but on the world stage as well.

Whether you’re a skater shredding in Sydney, a fashionista strolling through Melbourne’s business district, or a surfer catching waves in Byron Bay, we’ve got you covered.

Butter Goods 

Butter Goods, One of the Top Australian Streetwear brands, Denim jacket unzipped with simple graphic t shirt.

Born from the heart of Perth’s skateboard scene, Butter Goods has cemented its status as an emblem of urban culture in the span of fifteen years. Since its inception in 2008, founders Garth Mariano and Matt Evans have successfully combined their passions for skateboarding and music to shape a distinctive brand identity, one that is uniquely Butter. The streetwear label, deeply rooted in 1990s culture, skateboarding ethos and urban lifestyle, embraces a creative aesthetic inspired by these intersecting cultures. Mariano’s intimate knowledge of skateboarding culture and Evans’ design prowess coalesce to produce collections that resonate with both the skate community and streetwear aficionados.

Butter Goods has gained international acclaim through its high-quality garments, innovative collaborations, and an impressive skateboarding team that touts talents from across the globe.  With its distinct street-inspired designs, Butter Goods commands the respect of fashion-forward individuals and skaters alike, further reinforcing its standing as a key player in the world of skateboarding and streetwear.

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Mutimer Lace Button Up. Streetwear meets elegant summer wear.

Born out of Melbourne’s dynamic urban milieu in 2019, Mutimer is the brainchild of Jasper Mutimer, a streetwear brand that encapsulates the city’s pulsating energy in its designs. A true embodiment of quality, creativity, and authenticity, Mutimer transforms the diverse cultural tapestry of Melbourne into wearable narratives. The brand merges premium materials with daring designs that stand testament to the vibrant spirit of urban Australia, offering more than just apparel—it offers a tangible slice of Melbourne’s distinct flair. Amidst the ever-evolving streetwear landscape, Mutimer’s unwavering commitment to quality and the spirit of Melbourne’s street culture ensures that each piece serves as a reflection of the brand’s ethos, inviting its wearers to don not just a piece of clothing, but a piece of Mutimer itself.

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PassPort Classic Typeface T shirt, similar to Supreme.

Sydney-based PassPort has left an indelible mark on the skateboarding and streetwear landscape since its launch in 2009. Capturing the essence of Australia’s vibrant skate culture while being influenced by globally renowned brands like Supreme and  Stussy, PassPort stands as a testament to founder Trent Evans’ vision of blending the homegrown flavor with international appeal. Showcasing artwork from luminary creatives like Funeral French and Paul Kelly and collaborations with brands like Lo-Fi and Camp Cove, PassPort has grown to become a cult favorite among the discerning. The brand’s clothing line, reminiscent in aesthetic to Canadian streetwear brand Dime MTL, exudes a laid-back style that is distinctively Australian, yet globally appealing. When you don a piece of PassPort clothing, you’re not just sporting a unique look, but also supporting and preserving the future of the Australian skateboarding scene.

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Song for the Mute 

Song for the Mute high end Australian Streetwear outfit featuring jacket and denim.

Stepping into the atelier of Song for the Mute in Sydney, one immediately feels the story that founders Melvin Tanaya and Lyna Ty want to convey. Every element—from the exposed brick and beams to the luxurious garments crafted from wool, sun-dried cotton, alpaca, and mohair—exudes an atmosphere of painstaking craftsmanship and considered design. The clothes are unique, not just within the Australian fashion scene but in the global context, catching the attention of menswear authorities like Nick Wooster. Their approach is experimental and detail-oriented, often requiring months spent sourcing and developing fabrics. Their annual trips to Japan allow them to touch, feel, and understand the fabrics, the characteristics of which then serve as the foundation for their design process.

They revitalize old techniques or employ advanced technologies to enhance their chosen materials. Their innovative application of methods like the needle punch technique or the Dream Care process challenges consumer expectations about natural fibers. Even the final design process is tailored to the fabric’s properties and the body’s contours. Collaboration, too, is a critical part of their ethos. The duo’s work with Japanese jewelry designer Noriaki Sakamoto has introduced unique handcrafted silver hooks in their garments, enhancing their narrative. While they acknowledge their path has been marked by trials and deviations, each has contributed to shaping the unique identity of Song for the Mute—a brand that values quality, detail, and instinct over fleeting trends.

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Perks and Mini P.a.m.

Perks and Mini Australian Streetwear Denim pants and shorts ensemble paired with a black mockneck t shirt. Unisex style.

Founded over 20 years ago by Shauna Toohey and Misha Hollenbach, P.A.M has risen to global recognition. Known for its radical approach and collaborative ethos, P.A.M. treasures the creativity and insight of other artists, often inviting designers from across the globe to contribute to their collections and shows. Whether partnering with iconic names like Carhartt and Nike or showcasing their designs at Paris Fashion Week, P.A.M. has found the delicate balance between achieving success and maintaining authenticity.

However, P.A.M.’s scope extends beyond fashion. The founders’ love for community and creative expression shines through every project they undertake. They shun the focus on ‘self’ and ‘individualism’ in favor of collective accomplishment. Their creative journey has been all about organic growth and trusting their instincts over market trends or Excel spreadsheets. 

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Purgatory Oversized Cropped Hoodie in Charcoal Color

Born out of the creative impulses of a young couple from Melbourne, Australia, Purgatory® is an independent streetwear label that thrives in the liminal spaces of cultural and ideological dichotomies. Since its inception in 2019, Purgatory has emerged as a manifestation of the designers’ moods, passions, and exploration into the conflicting dynamics of divine femininity, hyper masculinity, escapism versus reality, and the ongoing struggle between the desire for financial success and the fear of selling out. Purgatory is a brand for everyone, irrespective of social strata or worldview, capturing the shared human experience of navigating the complexities of life’s limbo.

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South St 

South St Comfort meet Streetwear. Oversized hoodie with relaxed denim joggers.

Melbourne-based streetwear label South St., founded by Harley Booth in 2018, redefines the intersection of comfort and style, offering effortlessly chic pieces that echo the hustle of contemporary life. The brand’s signature line, Gentlewoman Club, skillfully bridges casual and formal attire, seamlessly merging oversized streetwear elements with tailored precision, making South St. an influential force in the global streetwear market.

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Candice Aussie Streetwear Lookbook photo. Man wearing dad hat, hoodie, and jeans.

Candice, a multifaceted creative brand established by Nick Campbell in 2019, transcends the confines of traditional streetwear through its unique fusion of witty screen-printed graphics and contemporary designs. Taking its name from a character conceptualized by Campbell himself, Candice has built a remarkable portfolio that spans clothing, accessories, and a selection of homewares, each piece telling a piece of a larger narrative. With its utility-inspired baggy hoodies, fisherman’s beanies, and a palette of soft gelato hues, Candice outfits not just individuals, but cultivates an aesthetic that speaks to communities, promising to enhance your street style game while asserting a distinct personality that demands attention.

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Afends Green Recycled Hoodie

Afends, a trailblazing streetwear brand founded by Declan Wise and Jonathan Salfield in Byron Bay, Australia in 2006, merges punk and hardcore roots with surf and skate culture to deliver eco-friendly, durable apparel embodying a rebellious ethos. Guided by a profound commitment to sustainability, Afends has revolutionized the fashion industry by implementing solar power in its headquarters, eliminating single-use plastic in its stores, and initiating a groundbreaking shift to 100% sustainable fibers in all collections since 2021. Beyond clothing, Afends instills a ‘Question Everything’ philosophy, encouraging its global family of like-minded creatives to challenge norms, advocate positive change, and be stewards of a sustainable future.

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Charles LeBrun

Charles Lebrun Aussie Streetwear with Basketball inspired collections.

Blurring the lines between sportswear and fashion, Melbourne-based label Charles LeBrun redefines comfort with its range of transseasonal, genderless garments. Conceptualized by creative director Georgia R Haynes, the brand finds its roots in her passion for basketball and the desire to challenge gender norms, fostering a sense of community through clothes. Named after Haynes’ courageous great-grandfather, Charles LeBrun symbolizes bravery and authenticity, transcending conventional clothing labels to become a platform championing visibility and opportunities for the often unseen. 

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FAQs About Australian Streetwear

Australian brands draw inspiration from a variety of sources, including the country’s diverse landscapes, vibrant urban culture, skateboarding scene, as well as global fashion trends. The melting pot of indigenous heritage, multicultural influences, and the iconic Aussie lifestyle also play a significant role.
The defining elements of Australian streetwear are a blend of urban and skate culture, casual comfort, innovative designs, and a strong tie to the unique Australian identity. It often showcases a laid-back aesthetic while maintaining a balance between street style and high fashion.
Your best bet is to go to the brand’s website directly and pay for international shipping. Unfortunately other than brands like Perks and Mini and Butter Goods, it’s hard to find Aussie brands in international boutiques.

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