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This is the Thrift

A Never Ending Search for Something Special.

It’s the rush of searching for a treasure that you didn’t know you needed until this moment. It’s seeing the reaction from family and friends–“woah, where did you get that?” It’s how you can stand out from the crowd and what makes you unique!

The Business of Thrifts

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Pounds of Clothing / Textiles Thrown Away by the Average American Every Year

Thrifting promotes sustainability

Thrifting started as a budget friendly way of purchasing necessities. However, over the last few decades its evolved into its own business that resellers can profit off of. A lot of the reason why there is such a popular resale market is due to the fact that there has been a shift in fashion trends moving away from fast fashion

By recycling and using clothing for longer amounts of time, we are cutting down on the energy and byproducts of producing new garments. 


Shopping second hand reduces waste that ends up in landfills.

Water Saving

Reducing the amount of water used for producing textiles.

Reducing Emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions reduced through less active fashion factories.

Technology has enabled Remote Thrifting

Nowadays, you can thrift from the comfort of your home all you need is the internet. There are countless of online platforms out there that let anyone buy and sell practically anything vintage. Ebay is the OG platform, but in recent years there have been many platforms popping up in their respective niches. You can buy ultra luxury high end second hand items from theRealReal, shop on a budget using Mercari, Poshmark, and Facebook Marketplace. Even Goodwill has gotten into the online thrifting game through the launch of its own eCommerce platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Thrifting

Thrift stores carry clothing in a wide range of fashion options that serve all tastes. Store offerings include vintage, name-brand, and trendy fashion options. Thrift stores come in all shapes and sizes. Smaller stores tend to stick to a specific niche and carry a more tailored selection. They often have higher price tags because they are presorted. Large box thrift stores carry the widest selection and feature more departments. If you have the time to shop at a larger store, there is more to discover and lower prices, but there is a lot of terrain to look over.

Thrift stores sell far more than just clothing. Larger thrift stores carry wide selections of furniture, books, records and CDs, toys, bikes, home decor, home appliances, and much more depending on what has been donated. If you are in a large city, shops tend to stick to just clothing and fashion accessories, further out larger stores have the space to offer a wider selection.

Think of any thrift shopping endeavor as a treasure hunt. It is important to take your time, comb through the store, explore each department and try on everything you might like. Don’t shop for anything in particular as you likely won’t find precisely what you are looking for. Rather keep an open mind and be prepared to find things that you weren’t expecting to walk out with. 

The top benefits of thrifting your wardrobe has much to do with the price and the planet. Buying secondhand is a more affordable method to find quality, name-brand clothing. In the end, giving clothing a second life equates to less pressure and demand for new goods, plus extends the lifespan of existing products. 

You should wash the items you buy from thrift stores. Most people who donate wash their clothing before dropping them off, but not all do. Thrift stores can’t wash their items, so there is no way to guarantee the cleanliness of the entire store. Always toss them in the wash or have them dry cleaned before your first official wear. 

The scent most associated with thrift stores is a musty, perfume smell. This scent isn’t just one, but a cocktail of smells from each garment. Environmental odorants of the original wearer seep into the clothes and are carried to the thrift store to mix. Molecular odorants like food particles, perfume, sweat, and chemicals all stick to the fibers in the clothes and add to this strange musty smell. 

Like regular clothing shops, thrift stores offer dressing rooms to try on their selection. It is important to try on thrifted items to ensure fit and feel, so take advantage of them. If you are going to a store you’ve never been to before, wear leggings and layers that allow you to try on the items in front of a mirror just in case.

Bartering (negotiating the prices) at a thrift store is not common. There are certain places like flea markets and yard sales where prices are expected to be negotiated, but thrift stores won’t barter with customers. Some locations may reprice items if asked, usually if you find a garment to be highly damaged or stained. Thrift stores value items with their final price, so expect to pay what is labeled on the tag.

Each thrift store is different, most don’t accept returns for any reason, It is important to confirm their return policy at the register and ensure none of your items are final sale. 

Avoid buying makeup and other cosmetics, stuffed animals, running shoes, and kitchen appliances like food blenders and processors. Here’s why:

The cosmetics industry does not require expiration dates on their products, so it is difficult to determine the shelf life of makeup. 

Stuffed animals are a no-go due to their absorbent nature and tendency to hold onto odors even after being washed. They can also be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Wearing worn-out running shoes can cause injuries while exercising, making it essential to invest in a good pair of shoes.

Food blenders and processors should also be avoided due to the unknown history of the product and inability to properly test it in the store.

Thrifting Guides

Thrift shopping is a great way to save money and reduce global demand for new products. Thrifting can be a way of life or a fun way to discover vintage or discounted items from your favorite brands. Get excited by what you might find, here we can help guide you on how to become an expert thrifter.