Clothing Reseller Glossary: Common Terms For Thrifting and Online Shopping

BOLO – Be on the lookout

Be on the lookout refers to items that you should keep an eye out for while you are thrifting. They are brands or types of items that sell extremely easily. Oftentimes BOLOs are items that you can post to Ebay or Poshmark and they will sell within a few hours. The list of bolo brands and items is constantly evolving. For a list of BOLOs I recommend Thrift a Life’s Guide 

NOLO – Not on the lookout

The opposite of a BOLO. Some items are just a dime a dozen and have little to no resale value. Brands like Old Navy and other lower tiers brands are definite NOLOs. 


Cross-listing is the act of listing a single product on several online marketplaces. This increases the possibility that a customer will see your product and buy it. For resellers whose focus or niche is in a particular product category, this tactic is extremely effective.


Sourcing is reseller slang for shopping. Many professional resellers don’t want to sound like they are just out shopping, when in reality it’s hard work. That’s why the community has coined the term sourcing when going out to the thrift stores, flea markets, or general public to look for items. 

Reseller Arbitrage

Reseller Arbitrage is a product sourcing strategy for reselling items, where you profit from a price difference between two or more platforms. Retail arbitrage in this context refers to the process of purchasing products at a discount from resellers on one platform such as Poshmark or Whatnot and then listing that product on a different platform such as Ebay in order to make money.

Haul / Thrift Haul

Many reseller Youtubers post videos of thrift hauls. Essentially it is just the collection of items (apparel and accessories) that they found at the thrift store. Haul connottates a meaning of a large number of items which can be subjective based on the individual. We denote thrift hauls or hauls in general as 10+ secondhand items found while thrifting. 

Stale Inventory

Inventory is considered stale if it hasn’t been sold in 90 days. Some might think that is too short of a period if you have a niche that is very unique and requires the right buyer to come along. Stale Inventory is really just inventory that doesn’t sell in the time period that you are generally accustomed to. We can say that inventory that is over a year old is definitely stale. 


Upcycling is the method of transforming an item so that it is superior to the original. In the case of clothing, this frequently entails taking an item that doesn’t fit or is stained or torn and repurposing it into a wearable item. Items that are found in the trash or purchased at a thrift store or a combination of the two, can be used for upcycling.

The Bins

This term endearingly refers to the Goodwill Outlet, which is Goodwill’s final destination for donated items before they are dumped, recycled, or baled for export. “The bins” is pretty much just that, they are large blue, plastic wheeled bins that are filled with (sometimes not so gently) used clothes, toys, electronics, home goods, books, and more. These items are sold by the pound and offer deeply discounted prices from the item’s original retail price. 


An item that you dream of finding out in the wild world of thrift stores and flea markets due to its rarity or value. 

AOP – All Over Print

In the secondhand clothing world, an all over print, known by its acronym AOP consists of a design that is repeated all over a piece of clothing typically a t-shirt. On the front and back, the image, design or text is plastered. These prints are often screen printed on cotton or polyester textiles. 

Sold Comps

This term is synonymous with the action of using Ebay’s filter of “sold listings”. When trying to figure out the price of an obscure item, many resellers go to Ebay and filter to see only sold items to see what others have sold a similar product for in the past 90 days. Additionally, sold comps is not limited to Ebay as platforms such as Mercari, Poshmark, and StockX all have their versions of sold comps.


The term “color blocking” refers to the use of two to three (if not more) strong, frequently incongruous colors in a single ensemble to create a captivating fashion piece.


Very Near Deadstock. A term to describe the condition of sneakers when they are almost like new. Shoes that have been lightly worn no more than a handful of times can be considered VNDS. 


Deadstock which means new and never worn. Some people are very strict when it comes to their definition of deadstock, and shoes that have been tried on are no longer considered to be deadstock.


New old stock. Often refers to clothing from the 90s or before that still has tags on it. Since it is old stock, it is essentially retired and can’t possibly be produced again.


A common term for a shirt that has been severely worn and is barely wearable. Tees in this state frequently have many rips, seams coming apart, glorious stains, and a barely legible print.


Excellent Used Condition


New with tags


New without tags


True to Size