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The Best Loopwheel T-Shirts

Loopwheel T-Shirts

Brand / StylePriceWhere to Buy
Standard & Strange Wakayama Special$95Standard & Strange
Merz B. Schwanen$70+Withered Fig, Self Edge, Rivet and Hide
Iron Heart$75+Withered Fig
Studio D’Artisan$95+Rivet and Hide
The Strike Gold$95+Self Edge
Buzz Rickson$64+Son of a Stag
The Real McCoy’s$98+Standard & Strange

Tubular/Circular Knit T-Shirts (Some may be Loopwheel, but currently unconfirmed)

Brand / StylePriceWhere to Buy
Lady White Co$110 (for a 2-pack)Lady White Co
Bronson Tubular and “Loopwheel”$25+Bronson
Whitesville$95 (for a  2-pack)Redcast HeritageSelf Edge
Warehouse$70+Standard & Strange, Self Edge, James Dant
3Sixteen$98 (for a 2-pack)3Sixteen
Left Field NYC$80 (for a 2-pack)Left Field NYC
Naked & Famous Circular Knit $35Naked & Famous, Tate + Yoko
Velva Sheen$68Wittmore, Brooklyn Tailors,  
Mister Freedom Skivvy and Stanley$70Mister Freedom
SOS from Texas Organic Cotton T-Shirt$15SOS from Texas
Muji Side Seamless$9+Muji

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