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A Guide to Vintage Nike T-Shirt Tags Made in USA: 1970s to 2000

Nike Pinwheel Tag (1978-1982)

A unique retro pattern that is ultra hard to come by these days. If you do chances are you are paying quite the premium. 


Nike Orange Tag ('78-'83)

Another retro style label. Made in the USA and also super hard to come across. Some may consider it a national treasure of sorts. These labels are how the world was introduced to that signature font that the brand uses. 


Nike Blue Tag - Mid 1980s Era ('84, '85, '86, '87) 80s Vibes

A really classic tag, and the beginning of the Michael Jordan Era.

Nike Grey Tag - This Label was used in different variations from 1987 - 1994

A grey rectangle that is inside of a white rectangle. Paired with an orange Nike swoosh and the signature word mark also in orange. Some of the most iconic Spike Lee collaborations feature this label. 

Late 90s Labels - Simple White Labels

A very basic, thin white label that may contain the word mark. 

1994 Nike Black Label

Very rare. Bonus option. Perhaps it was made for honoring Michael Jordan’s desire to play baseball for the Chicago White Sox?


1999 Nike Air Jordan Made in USA Label